Nicery Reborn Baby Bathe Doll Indian Style Black Skin Hard Simulation Silicone Vinyl 10inch 26cm Waterproof Toy Orange Boy


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This is a perfect doll art designed by a famous artist.Cute and lifelike reborn doll.Made of Hard Simulation Silicone Vinyl.Safe non toxic.pure environmentally friendly materials.Can pose a lot like limbing.sitting and lying.Can not standing.Waterproof.can put into water and take shower with your baby.The doll will come with outfits.It will be a friend of your baby and the one of your family.Wish you love this.You will get:1.Reborn baby doll *1;2.Doll clothes;3.Certificate of Authenticity *1;4.Random toy gift *1.
Size:10inch(26cm).Weight:about 0.4kg.This is a boy baby.
Head and Body:Hard Simulation Silicone Vinyl.can put in water.Cute and lovely.
Eyes:High Acrylic.can not blink.
Hair:No hair.Painted hair.
Doll Clothing:Handmade.According to the doll size.The doll will come with the clothes.

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