Full Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Black Skin Simulation Newborn Baby with Painted Hair Best Kid Gift


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Gender: girlSize: 28.0 cm * 12.5 cm * 13.0 cmWeight: 0.6kgMaterial: Full body imported mixed silica gel; doll can sit and recline. will not stand.Can enter the water to accompany the baby to take a showeruse:1. New moon. baby nurse. expectant mother. maternity nurse. baby companion toy;2. can be used as a propaganda tool for maternal and child health. baby care. It can demonstrate the characteristics of newborn babies. the size and shape of the normal full-term children. and a sense of reality.3. in the process of children's entertainment. can be used as a house toy;4. the child teacher is very good teaching aids. teach the baby to dress and other self-care ability and so on.5. can be used as a photography prop.
Structure: The limbs can move. the doll can sit and lie down. can enter the water to accompany the baby to take a bath. can not talk oh; all over the body are used to pay attention to ensure that non-toxic and environmentally friendly. can kiss can enter.
Hair: hand drawn hair
Eyes: Acrylic eyes made in Taiwan are short-eyed dolls that can be used as collectibles and play with your baby.
Body: The whole body is used up and down. you can take a bath. ensure that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. and you can kiss and enter.
Clothing: tailored according to the size of the doll. dress up the baby. can be detached.

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